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85% of success in the workplace comes from people skills!

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Teamwork is taught.  You don't just lump a group of people together and expect them to behave like one 

- Pat Summit

Coaching C.L.O.U.T.

Meet Mora


Mora Kanim,
President and Founder of Coaching C.L.O.U.T.

Mora brings a unique perspective to Coaching C.L.O.U.T.  As a former Division I athlete, and a Division I collegiate coach for 18 years, Mora has worked with hundreds of athletes, coaches and administrators in very competitive teaching environments.  Communication, Leadership, Understanding, Observation Skills, and Teamwork were vital to her success as both an athlete and a coach.  Her study of the Model of Human Behavior made a dramatic impact on her ability to understand, motivate, communicate more effectively with, and create an optimal team environment for her athletes.

Mora started Coaching C.L.O.U.T. with the vision of sharing those insights with others and assisting them in building more effective relationships in all aspects of their lives.  She is an engaging speaker who possesses an uncanny ability to connect with any personality style, and she loves to meet people!  Through lively, interactive presentations, her wit, humor and knowledge of human behavior and relationship dynamics become accessible to everyone.Mora is a Certified Human Behavior Consultant with extensive training through Personality Insights, Inc. since 1999.  She also holds a bachelor’s degree from UCLA and a Masters Degree in Sports Psychology from Kent State University.  Mora has the expertise, training and personality to impact your life and relationships!